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Voice over

Your message is much more powerful and influential when it is voiced with style and intonation. 

Voice-over has proven its ability to enrich various types of videos and give them a sense of empathy and appeal. But hold on, your video is meant to travel the world, and this voice-over is only available in English! What can you do?! 

You must be thinking now of adding subtitles but soon recognizing it lacks that touch of personalization and efficiency. Dubbing, meanwhile, is not exactly what you need. All you need is simply voice-over translation services.

Voice-over translation is an audiovisual translation technique by which your original video voice-over is replaced with a translated one without changing the original soundtrack or any other video element.

Still confusing it with dubbing, the difference is simply that dubbing revamps the entire audio track and set up a whole new one, while voice-over translation only replaces the narrative commentary with a translated version, keeping all other variables unchanged and saving much time and effort.

Opting for voice-over translation services reap numerous benefits to your business. It will comprehensively carry your message over to the whole world while maintaining the same imprint left by the original version. Apart from the benefits of the voice-over itself, voice-over translation tailors the spoken script for your target audience while keeping all your touches in place. 

Unlike dubbing, voice-over translation makes a perfect solution for business and serious-content multimedia materials. And while subtitling helps your message communicate better with the global audience, voice-over translation speaks directly to them.

What is the process of voice-over?

  • At first, narrative scripts are transcribed and translated into the target language by a team of professional and experienced linguists, preferably native, who are aware of the entire cultural context and linguistic nuances. They must further get a full grasp of the content purpose, target audience, and chosen tone of voice so they can personalize the translated piece of content.
  • Then this translated text then gets recorded by native-language speaking talents in fully-equipped studios. At this step, meticulous attention should be given to several attributes, such as the tone of voice and language style.

Eventually, the production team synchronizes the newly-recorded voice-over with the video timeline to come up with a ready final version of your video. This phase involves removing noise, normalizing loudness, as well as compressing the dynamic range. All set now and your video is masterly crafted in the new target language. Take it and impress your new clients.

With our in house team of native voice talents, we are certain you can find the right sound, rhythm, for your message and content as:

  • E-learning
  • Videogames
  • Corporate videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Telephone and software instructions
  • tutorials
  • Documentaries
  • And more

Why LatinoBridge?

As you see; voice-over translation is a complicated multi-step process that can not be hastily handled by a random service provider. Over more than 10 years, LatinoBridge has been offering professional voice-over translation services and it was proudly trusted by a number of formidable clients. No matter the industry, the budget, or the deadline, our native-speaking experts will figure it all out for you. Partner with us and have your needs fulfilled by a team of veteran translators and gifted voice-over performers. What are you waiting for?

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