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LatinoBridge as one of the best closed captioning companies is aware of all this and offers competent subtitling and closed captioning services at the highest quality and most reasonable rates.

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The Emerging of Subtitling Services

It is incredible how video content goes viral very easily in the digital world! This implies a very likely possibility that this content will be accessed and viewed by users located in distant areas and belonging to diverse cultures. But how would it cater to these countless masses?!

You must have caught the missing piece now; language barriers might stand in the way of content virality or stop it from spreading further across new frontiers. In fact, there is nothing to worry about; you can now deliver your authentic message to an endless number of viewers all across the globe thanks to professional subtitling services.

Recent surveys found out that many digital users do not mind the subtitling or closed captions (CC) displayed at the bottom of their screens, even if they can fully hear and understand the content! Accordingly, it is no wonder these textual captions are beginning to appear more often across numerous platforms, including giant social networks and multimedia applications.

Additionally, more global users are interestingly inclined to avail subtitles so as to explore new cultures or learn new languages. This makes perfect sense when you get to know that English isn’t the primary language for 70% of the world’s population, while the vast majority of the web video content is produced in the English language.

From other perspectives, featuring subtitles in promotional videos can aid companies in making headway toward global expansion, help out vloggers get new viewers, or widen the scope and influence of social and educational content produced for international audiences.

What is subtitling?

The term subtitling refers to the process of creating the text appearing at the bottom of video screens with the aim of transcribing, describing, or translating what is going on along the video running time. These captions are mostly derived from either a transcript or the screenplay of the dialog or commentary in the audiovisuals.

In a sense, subtitling might be the easiest way to deliver the message of any multimedia materials in other languages and carry this message over to new layers of viewers. Whether it is a movie, entertaining show, educational tutorial, or business video, subtitles would add real value.

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How does subtitling work?

The process of subtitling involves one or more phases based on the requirement of the clients and the purpose of the service. It might be only about transcription or rather extend to localization and extensive quality assurance.

When addressing this unique language service, there are a couple of concepts and practices one has to take into account while identifying his/her particular needs.

1) Transcription
It always begins with transcribing what is being said on the screen as is! Transcription is a simple, yet extremely efficient, way to put your spoken message in writing. LatinoBridge has been offering transcription services for over two decades now and it always promises best-in-class services.

2) Closed captions
Closed captions – better known as CC – were initially concerned with rendering the entire audible materials readable for those with hearing difficulties. This type of captioning does not only transcribe the dialogues and spoken content but also includes a full description of the events taking place on the screen, assuming that the viewer can not hear any of this.

3) Localization
It goes far more than a word-for-word translation. Subtitling in different languages, in most of the cases, entails a detailed localization process that considers the cultural context of the target locale. This means it should be meticulously conducted by a group of adept native linguists and experienced reviewers who are cognizant of the sub-dialects and language subtle nuances. Here comes LatinoBridge’s role with its strong portfolio across various areas of expertise. Localizing your subtitles will ensure they convey the same original meaning in relation with the different cultural perceptions and diversified linguistic concepts.

4) Multilingual subtitles
In some cases, subtitling in more than one language is necessary to reach out to a broad array of viewers and locations all at once. Giant video sharing platform YouTube has recently added a multilingual CC option among its features so videos can go beyond the language limits. If you are considering the transmission of a multimedia message to Latin America, LatinoBridge is at your service with a team of proficient language specialists in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Why LatinoBridge?

It is crystal clear that offering deliberate and high-quality subtitling in videos is not just about auto-transcribing or translating the spoken texts. You will most probably need the assistance of a professional language service provider (LSP) and subtitling company that has demonstrated experience in transcription and localization fields.

We – at LatinoBridge – are born in Latin America. Our native-speaking staff will provide you with the utmost subtitling and closed captioning services that will expand your horizons and maximize your reach. Partner with us and take your messages to the global level.

We are always keen to equip our team with the latest subtitling software programs to deliver the best quality. We make sure to recruit, select and train the best subject matter subtitlers, QA specialists, media engineers, and project managers.

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Our professional and very much human native translators are more than equipped to offer you 100% accuracy and fluency when it comes to preserving the quality and consistency of your work.

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We really appreciate the translation quality provided by LatinoBridge along with timely deliveries. To add to this team has gone an extra mile on numerous occasions to make adjustments and take care of deliveries.

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I think we have developed a good and trustful work relationship, and I am very happy to work with LatinoBridge.

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Overall, we are satisfied with the level of service delivered by LatinoBridge and we would like to continue successful cooperation with their company.

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I like the efficiency, turnaround time, responsiveness, flexibility, and support. Carolina and Florencia are exceptional. I consider them my partners and collectively we have become a team whose goal is to meet the needs of our clients. I am very grateful for the positive experience.

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P. Lucas
Project Manager

Fantastic service, the staff is very communicative and flexible. The quality of the translations is always really good, because they always ensure to work with the relevant linguists with experience in the subject matter of each project they are assigned. Really pleased with our collaboration with LatinoBridge.

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Latino Bridge is professional, responsible, and their work is impeccable. They have never missed a deadline, I never had to wait to hear back from them for more than half an hour, and I heard nothing but great feedback from our clients. I highly recommend them!

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