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Software Localization

Why Software Localization is Vital

Many companies will seek to simply translate the words and issue their software in a new language and a new culture. That’s never enough. For example, the translation of an activity within your software might not mean the same thing in the new language. Worse is when a cultural symbol that is natural in the home version is lost or even offensive in the new culture.

The software that your customers use needs to feel as natural to them as their own language. Software localization is a specialty that makes that happen.

Software localization services can deliver that. LatinoBridge has been translating software for years. It requires several skills that are highly specialized:

A detailed knowledge of the transfer from the original language to the new language of certain actions. The words might not mean the same thing once translated.

Detailed translation of the help information. Most software has an extensive help library that can be accessed with a click. All of that needs to be translated effectively.

Engineers and programmers will review the functionality of the software to ensure that it meets local standards and norms. This allows users to feel at home with new software.

Software Translation – Experience Required

Software translation requires years of experience. While this is a skill that is often taught, it can only truly be mastered by someone who has spent years translating many types of software.

Because LatinoBridge has a huge team of translators and software developers, we are fortunate enough to be able to translate any type of software and have it done by a professional translator with experience in that genre of software.

The ROI of Software Translation

Every new culture or country can represent millions of new potential customers. A well-localized piece of software will land will be adopted quickly, providing you with significant short-term sales and long-term brand loyalty.

With LatinoBridge’s software localization services, you can go from unknown to indispensable in no time.

Why Choose LatinoBridge for your App Localization

In-Country Linguists

We are Latin America, born and bred. Our team is based in the region so we’re able to transfer the world’s mobile creations into and out of one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Culture Adaptation

Our team is made up of specialists who can make certain that everything you have created makes the move to a new market smoothly and efficiently.

Software Specialists

We have the experience in software localization that you need. We have gathered some of the most experienced people in the world to guarantee excellent results.