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Apps Localization Services

What is Mobile Localization?

Mobile localization is the science and art of transferring a mobile app into a new language. It opens up a new market for your products and services. We offer localization services that will help you to gain a foothold in Latin America or move your Latin American app or software to the world.

The Process of Mobile Localization

It starts with an examination of your app. We look for all the strings that will need to be translated and localized.

Then we begin doing the localization work. If there are words that need to be translated, we call in our professional linguists.

Every help screen and set of instructions is translated and made culturally relevant to the customers you’re looking for.

There will be 431 million mobile phone users in Latin America by 2019.

The total population of Latin America is expected to be 639 million people.

Is Mobile Localization Necessary?

The short answer is yes.

If you’re looking to do business in Latin America, you must localize the app in order to reach the 430 million mobile phone users in the region.

Over 90% of all mobile activity happens inside of apps and over 90% of all purchases start on a mobile device. In fact, nearly 50% of banking and financial transactions occur on mobile devices.

Mobile Localization

Why Choose LatinoBridge for your App Localization

In-Country Linguists

We are Latin America, born and bred. Our team is based in the region so we’re able to transfer the world’s mobile creations into and out of one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Culture Adaptation

Our team is made up of specialists who can make certain that everything you have created makes the move to a new market smoothly and efficiently.

Mobile Specialists

We have the experience in mobile app localization that you need. We have gathered some of the most experienced people in the world to guarantee excellent results.