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Media & publishing

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind! 

As true as this statement gets, the media and publishing sector appears to be a very powerful industry all over the globe since it is primarily concerned with directing messages to a mass audience through multiple mediums and platforms. The violent digital transformation has rendered this industry even more powerful, allowing further reach for media outlets and granting unlimited access to their audience. Mass communication is no longer restricted by geographical or time limitations, and the far-reaching influence of media is amplifying.

Like any other giant industry, media translation services can be a very useful tool to maximize the influence of mass-communicated messages that address distant audiences in the modern world. Generally speaking, the communication of global widespread messages can not be provided in one language; deliberate translation is all it takes to spread your word. Besides helping your message speak the same language of your target audience, professional media and publishing translation services take into account the new concepts of digital communication, including multimedia application, visualization, and content personalization.

Featuring many emerging economies and rising stars, Latin America’s mass media is on the rise. Both traditional and digital media networks are growing and covering broader scales all across the region. There are many traditional media outlets operating in Latin America that are not based in the region’s countries. Meanwhile, digital media result in obsolete boundaries between Latin American countries and the rest of the world. This means a myriad of media messages (articles, news stories, TV shows, podcasts… etc.) need to be translated into Spanish and Brazillian Portuguese and vice versa.

What media & publishing translation covers:

In fact, all forms of media need translation to go global. Giant publishers and media organizations creating global messages are aware of this and resort to reliable language service providers to cater their content to their target audience. From news translation and desktop publishing services (DTP) all the way to website localization and subtitling, translation companies have a lot to offer to the media market players. The following are some examples of how translation can support media:

  • Press releases & newsletters: We provide adequate news stories and reports translation by experienced specialists who maintain the journalistic writing style.
  • Print and digital publications: Our DTP specialists offer an exceptional localization for your publications, catering the content to your new audience, and keeping up your original message.
  • Multimedia content: We localize all types of audiovisuals through our outstanding video subtitling and voice over services.
  • Advertising and marketing materials: From branding localization to website translation, we master the full set of translation services you need to optimize your marketing campaigns. We can localize flyers, brochures, company profiles and any promotional material.
  • Media and press kits: We help you translate your offerings and media packages into the same language of your stakeholders.
  • TV and radio report: Our experienced linguists are well-versed in the different media specialties and know how to translate your broadcasting messages the right way.

Why LatinoBridge?

Getting the help of a translation agency can be your winning bet, especially if this service provider is specialized in the language of your target markets. Whether you are sending a message to a Latin America-based audience or transmit it from there.

LatinoBridge is your ultimate go-to source. We have our own system to provide comprehensive translation solutions for the media and publishing industry. We have experts in different media disciplines and we are ready to optimize your media appearance in front of your target audience.

We are proud to have a full linguistic in-house team with vast experience in the publishing sector focused on reaching audiences through Latin America. Because of our team, we managed to partner with hundreds of international companies, translating millions of words and completing hundreds of projects in the media & publishing Industries.

We are aware of the ever-changing nature of the media industry and we cater to it. With over a decade of hands-on experience, LatinoBridge introduces world-class media translation services at high quality and accessible prices. Our translators are experts in media and publishing and they use the most advanced tools to translate and localize all types and formats of media materials. 

We prioritize accuracy and confidentiality and we provide you with ready-to-use media content. Partner with us now and offer your media messages in the same language, or even dialect, of your target locale.

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