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This rapid digital transformation has covered the world in an unprecedented state of interconnectivity and turned borders into some imaginary lines. As a result, global business expansions made significant strides. In this regard, the fast-growing multinationals have no way but to abide by the laws and regulations of their expansion destinations, and this, of course, creates a higher interest in the legal translation services. 

From company registration requirements all the way to the set of rules regulating the relationship between a business and its stakeholders, the need to comply with the regulatory jurisdiction of your target market is a prerequisite for business adaptation and international success. This, in fact, can not be fulfilled without the help of a specialized legal translation company.

In Latin America, where the legal industry has recently gained further grounds, the demand for legal translation services has touched a new threshold, indicating a healthy economic and regulatory system in many Latin countries. However, providing adequate legal translation services in a continent that mostly speaks Spanish and Portuguese, with multiple sub-dialects, is a bit challenging, given that a teeny-tiny mistake might lead to serious ramifications.

Generally speaking, transposing a legal document into a new language, and most importantly a different legal context requires an impeccable knowledge of the full gamut of legal jargon. That’s why you need to partner with a professional language vendor to not only translate your legal paper but also help you adapt to the legal system and cultural perceptions in your target locale.

Documents of Legal Translation Services

After all, you might think of legal translation as a shallow sub-branch of translation that is concerned with the company registration documents and sales contracts. In fact, legal translation is a wide-scale specialty that covers a broad range of documents, and here are a few examples of the legal documents we have translated before:

  • Contracts of all types
  • Wills and testaments
  • Pleadings
  • Witness statements and affidavits
  • patents
  • Government proposals 
  • Court transcripts 
  • Confidentiality agreements 
  • Official laws and legislations
  • Regulations 
  • Birth certificates 
  • Bank deposits 
  • Immigration documents
  • Notarized documents

Why LatinoBridge?

Positioning itself among the most experienced and resourceful translation service providers in the region, LatinoBridge is proudly offering unbeatable legal translation services into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Our team of native linguists is fully aware of the importance and the sensitive nature of legal translation and has what it takes to provide you with outstanding and flawless service.

We have mastered all this, and many more, over the past 10 years. We established ourselves as a trusted and preferred choice for many satisfied clients in Latin America, and we gladly invite you to come on board.

If you are still reluctant to recruit a legal translation agency, It is time to make your decision! With over 80 projects processed and 20 million words in the Legal & Financial fields, we have a dedicated in house team with vast experience in the legal sector and a specific focus on delivering high-quality translations timelessly.

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