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LatinoBridge is Latin America’s premier translation and localization service in the region. Our team has the experience and the understanding to bring you to LatAm and bring LatAm to you.

Understanding Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese Globally

The Spanish language is one of the world’s most widespread languages (it’s the third most spoken language in the world) and is spoken on every continent.

Latin America has about 500 million native speakers in the world and millions more who have learned it as a second language.

Spanish is also the third most spoken language on the internet as well. It’s the primary language in 20 countries worldwide with the majority of native speakers in Latin America.

It’s the official language, or one of, from Argentina to Mexico, with over 1 million speakers in Brazil.

Portuguese and Brazilian

The language of Portugal became the language of one that nation’s largest colonies, Brazil.

While the differences are subtle, they are important. Spelling and pronunciation vary between the original mother tongue and the colonial version.

97.9% of Brazilians speak the Brazilian variant of Portuguese. It’s the official language of Brazil along with Brazilian Sign language which was added in 2002.

Written Brazilian varies significantly from the spoken form. The rules of grammar are complex and extremely flexible when compared to English or Spanish. There is a small, educated subset of the population that adheres to a strict code of norms.

The spoken differences between Brazilian and Portuguese are significant, but not insurmountable for the speakers of the two languages. They represent regional accents and variants that need to be overcome, as opposed to separate languages.

LatinoBridge’s highly educated translators and interpreters are able to handle both Brazilian and Portuguese to ensure that communication is always perfect. Whether it’s presenting to a European audience or a South American audience, our team is able to make sure that the language fits the recipients perfectly and conveys the exact terms.

The LatinoBridge Difference

There are many translation/localization firms that offer services in Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese, but none have the experience and local grasp that LatinoBridge does.

Our translators are all local experts who not only understand the language, but also the culture. The team is also made up of subject matter specialists.

  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Consumer products
  • Technology
  • Website localization
  • Software localization
  • Education and training

This focus on subject matter specialties along with the local skills of our translators, engineers, and designers allow us to provide perfect translations and localizations.

From Latin America to the Rest of the World

Not only can we bring your products and services to Latin America, but we can bring Latin America to the world.

Many of our clients are Latin American companies seek to transfer their good and services to the world. We’re able to provide them with translation out of Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese and into any of dozens of other languages.

Our Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese Anchor

Everything we do is rooted in our Latin American/Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese roots. Each of our projects involves our home region and the wonderful people in it.

Our passion is to bring Latin America to the world and deliver all that the world has to offer to our Latin American neighbors.

Why Choose Latino Bridge – The Four Reasons

Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese is our specialty. All of our work involves Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese. That means that, unlike general translation firms, we are able to deliver impeccably into and out of Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese.


Every need met. Whether a client needs translation, transcription, website localization, app localization, interpretation, or any other language transfer needs, we have the staff to handle it.


Subject matter specialists. No matter what your or your client’s industry is, we have subject matter specialists to do the translations and localizations.


Efficiency and speed. We have a pool of staff to draw from that is highly trained and highly motivated. This allows us to complete each project on time and on budget.