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Translation & Localization – Latino Bridge is Latin America’s premier translation and localization company. With decades of industry experience, staff members experienced in nearly every specialty, and a technical staff trained in nearly every possible computer language and medium, we’re able to provide you with fast, top quality service. Our team prides themselves on being able to seamlessly integrate with your team, ensuring that everything that we provide to you is outstanding and makes you proud.

Technology & Telecom

One the fastest industries in the world is technology. From apps to programming to mobile devices, technology is changing every aspect of our lives every day. That’s why Latino Bridge is the ideal partner to bring your technology to Latin America or move your Latin American technology to the rest of the world. We have the technical expertise to understand the inner workings of your tech and the skills to localized and translate everything flawlessly.

Medical & Health Care

Even when everyone speaks the same language, medical and healthcare communication can be fraught with miscommunications and concerns. The team at Latino Bridge is expert at transferring medical language into and out of Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese. Our medical translators are medical professionals who understand the issues as well as they understand the language. Whether you need medical transcription or interpretation, we can provide you with the right people to guarantee the message is transferred perfectly.

Media & Publishing

Every word is carefully chosen and ready to be shared with the world. Whether your goal is to bring something into Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese or send something from Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese out into the world, our team of translators and interpreters are here to help. With an average of over a decade of experience, we have the people to make sure that your message and your intentions make the transition perfectly.

Finance, Legal & Corporate

The right words on the page can mean the difference between business success and failure. It can mean a solid partnership and a failed attempt. LatinoBridge has a corporate translation and interpretation team that is able to convey the important subtleties of your contracts, reports, and even marketing materials. Their experience and understanding of the business climate, both in and out of Latin America, make our people a valuable asset for your every business decision. Let our team be your guide to Latin America and the world.

Education and Training

Whether you are training your own staff or offering trainings publicly, you need to make sure that your information is conveyed perfectly. One wrong interpretation can set your students back for months or even years. LatinoBridge’s translators are experienced, on average over 10 years each. They are able to share your message and trainings well. We also provide a project manager for each project who understands the languages and the materials and acts as a final editor for each step of the process.

Consumer Goods & Electronics

The world is a marketplace and you need to be able to make your products available to everyone. Whether your native tongue is Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese and you are reaching out the world or you’re bringing your products to Latin America, our translation team is able to guide your products to the final consumer in a way that makes them seem like they were manufactured next door, not on the other side of the planet. We can help you transfer your products so that success will rest on the product, not on how well you can tell your story.

Agriculture & Environment

With the growing global population comes the growing need for global agriculture. Don’t let a language barrier prevent you from opening new markets and increasing your reach. LatinoBridge handles the Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese language end of that transaction and makes it simple for you to do business anywhere you want. You can pay attention to feeding the world and we will make sure that everything you do is understood by the end consumers.


In any language, engineering is a specialty with its own language and meanings. Before you can share your work into or out of Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese, you need a team that not only knows how to translate the language but understands the terms specific to your industry. We have the engineers to translate every word perfectly, In fact, our engineering translation team has over half a century of collective experience. Don’t trust just anyone; work with a team that is good at what they do as you are at what you do.

Why choose LatinoBridge?


In each sector, LatinoBridge has the specialists that can handle more than just the language, but also know the jargon of your industry.


LatinoBridge is the perfect team for your entry into LatAm or to leave LatAm to the rest of the world. Our team speaks Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese and dozens of other languages.


Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese is in everything we do. Since we live in Latin America, we anchor every job we do in the Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese of our homes. That allows us to have more than a passing understanding of the language and the culture.


Our systems are built-in with multiple redundancies and extra hands. We ensure that every word is perfectly translated and that every piece of software makes it into or out of LatAm flawlessly.