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Game Localization Services

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Bringing Your Games To A New Experience With LatinoBridge game localization services

When Kratos (Alias the god of War) enmeshed us with his Spartan rage, we couldn’t help but acclimatize ourselves with the greek culture and feel his pain as he exacts revenge. We were one with him, in his every battle as we try our best to overcome the challenges in the game.

EA sports did the world a huge favor by making Fifa 23 (Soccer) an international game. From the get-go, we’re exposed to various football leagues from around the world, making us yearn for titles.

Black Panther came on, and let us discover more about roots, as we take on the role of the powerful Wakandan hero. From beginning to end, we were in for a ride as he saved his home from enemies, and rose to be the king that his people needed.

video game localization services
game translation company

What do these three stories have in common?

They are video games that have been translated by game localization services experts so that players all around the world can understand and enjoy them.

Game localization is the process of translating and adapting a video game to make it suitable for another market. This process usually includes translating the game’s text and audio, as well as making sure that the game makes sense in the new culture.

This is what video games do; they transport us to different worlds and let us experience life through the lens of another person, or in this case, a Spartan warrior or a Wakanda hero forever!

With video games becoming increasingly popular, video game localization services have become a vital service to ensure that gamers worldwide can play and enjoy them. According to a report by Newzoo, the global video game market is expected to reach $196 billion by 2023 while Latin America can alone contribute 4% ($7.2bn) annually. Latin America has been a target market for game companies in recent years.

A study by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that Hispanics make up 23% of all gamers in the United States and that they spend an average of $61 on video games per year.
This means that there is a growing demand for games in different languages.

In order to tap into new markets, game developers need to localize their games so that they can be enjoyed by players in other countries. Partnering with a game localization company is often a crucial step in this process.

This is where LatinoBridge comes in...

At LatinoBridge, we are experts in video game translation and localization services, with a team of experienced game localization services professionals who can help you translate your game into different languages. As a game localization company, we understand the importance of adapting your game to various cultures and languages to reach a broader international audience. We understand the importance of preserving the game’s emotional impact, and our game localization experts will work closely with you to ensure that your game is translated accurately and culturally appropriate.

game localization services

We offer a wide range of game localization services, including:

Text Translation services

Text Translation
We can translate your game’s text into different languages so that it can be enjoyed by players all over the world.

Audio Recording and Localization

Audio Recording and Localization
We have a team of audio experts who can localize your game’s audio and ensure that it is of the highest quality.

video game localization agency

Cultural Consulting
We can help you to understand the cultural nuances of different markets so that you can tailor your game to them.

game translation

our post-editing AI-assisted tool that can help you to improve the quality of your game’s text translation.

In addition to translation, we also offer other video game localization services such as voice-over recording, QA testing, and software localization.

Benefits of Game Localization

Reach new markets

Improve the player experience

Increase player engagement

Build a global community

Our Process

-Project Assessment

We will assess your project to see what localization services you require. just by sending screenshots, glossaries, and text strings, you can be ready to go. For the finest linguistic quality, our game-changing translation system now offers automatic text string mapping to screen displays.

-String Translation

Our team of experienced game localization services experts will begin translating your game into the desired language. We will also take into account the cultural nuances of different markets so that your game is culturally-appropriate. This involves in-depth string analysis and a focus on key terminology.

-Quality Assurance

Once the translation and localization process is complete, our quality assurance team will check the game to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Our engineers will also test the game to ensure that it is compatible with different devices and operating systems.

– SEO Localization testing

we test game localization for SEO by running your content through our powerful linguistic software. This will help to ensure that your game is visible to players in different countries.

– Delivery

We will deliver your game in the desired format and ensure that it is compatible with different devices and operating systems. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in the quality of our work.

video game translation services process

Tools We Use

Linguistic Software

We use the latest CAT Tools to translate and localize your game. This includes CAT tools such as Trados, MemoQ, XTM, and Wordfast.

Text Editors

We use text editors such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to edit your game’s text.

Graphics Editors

We use graphics editors such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit your game’s graphics.

Audio Editors

We use audio editors such as Audacity and Pro Tools to edit your game’s audio.

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Quality And Accuracy
We always make sure that we deliver you the highest standard by our team who aims to fulfill the translation and quality objectives.
In-Country Translators
We’re able to offer you the highest translation quality with confidence due to all our in-country professional translators.
No matter what industry you’re in, our team is able to translate your vision and concepts impeccably.
Global MLV
Project Manager

We really appreciate the translation quality provided by LatinoBridge along with timely deliveries. To add to this team has gone an extra mile on numerous occasions to make adjustments and take care of deliveries.

Ann Malicon
Major MLV in Germany
Project Manager

I think we have developed a good and trustful work relationship, and I am very happy to work with LatinoBridge.

Vendor Manager

Overall, we are satisfied with the level of service delivered by LatinoBridge and we would like to continue successful cooperation with their company.

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Project Manager

I like the efficiency, turnaround time, responsiveness, flexibility, and support. Carolina and Florencia are exceptional. I consider them my partners and collectively we have become a team whose goal is to meet the needs of our clients. I am very grateful for the positive experience.

P. Lucas
Project Manager

Fantastic service, the staff is very communicative and flexible. The quality of the translations is always really good, because they always ensure to work with the relevant linguists with experience in the subject matter of each project they are assigned. Really pleased with our collaboration with LatinoBridge.

Language Service Provider in Finland
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Latino Bridge is professional, responsible, and their work is impeccable. They have never missed a deadline, I never had to wait to hear back from them for more than half an hour, and I heard nothing but great feedback from our clients. I highly recommend them!

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