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Consumer Electronics


There is a massive population in Latin America that is both consumers and manufacturers of consumer electronics. Latino Bridge is here to help in both cases.

Coming to Latin America

It seems so simple that we take it for granted: Push a button and the television turns on to a channel we want. Swipe our phone and we are calling someone in another city.

In reality, each of these items has been sold with instructions, guidelines for repairs, and information for the people who are going to sell those items. LatinoBridge can help you to create translate your instructions so that everyone throughout LatAm can understand how to use your products. We can make sure that everything is easy to read and fits the various cultures of Latin America.

The team at LatinoBridge originates and in fact lives throughout Latin America. They are able to adapt your words to the nuances of each nation and culture.

Leaving Latin America

If your business is looking to expand outside of Latin America, we have the team that can make sure that your message translates perfectly into the new language. There are other translating companies, but none of them call LatAm home. LatinoBridge is your hometown translation company, no matter what hometown you’re in in Latin America.

The Documents We can Translate

  • Owners manuals
  • Repair instruction
  • Marketing materials
  • Packaging
  • Instructional video
  • Software localization
  • Much more

Our Experience makes us great

The LatinoBridge team has been translating for the consumer electronics industry for decades. As electronics have evolved, so have we. Our team prides itself on being on the leading edge of technology. We understand it and we can explain it to others in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and nearly every other language on earth.

No matter what language you arrive in Latin America speaking ,we can help you to be understood easily. From any language into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, we can make sure that your information is clear and that every word is easily understood by the residents of Latin America.

6 Reasons that LatinoBridge is Superior

  1. Living in Latin America – We don’t speak Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as second languages. Most of your team is bilingual from birth. They understand languages as both scholars and as natives.
  2. We understand the Latin American cultures – Latin America is a massive territory. We understand that, while the language is substantially the same from Mexico to Argentina to Brazil, the cultures are as different as the various nations of Europe or Asia.
  3. We have a global reach – Our multilingual team and global partnerships mean that we can help you with nearly any language on the planet.
  4. We are customer-centric – You know your business as well as we know ours. We work for you and you will know that at every turn. We make sure that you’re happy as every moment.
  5. We understand communication – More than just languages, we understand how to keep you in the loop so that you know where you job is at any given language.
  6. We have a simple and complete process – From the moment you start a job with our team, we appoint a project manager and every step is guided by our professional management team.