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Will Ecommerce Translation Services Maintain Argentina’s E-business Boom?

Probably Madonna is no longer chanting this old song of the seventies, but is now wondering at the steady growth of Argentina’s booming e-commerce business!

All Across Latin America, Argentina is standing out with its fast-growing e-commerce industry, along with a similarly thriving mobile commerce (m-commerce) market, with economic forecasts expecting the country’s e-commerce business to increase ─ between 2018 and 2022 ─ by 83% to reach USD 19 billion.

What Drives Argentinian E-commerce Boom?

Like the present, the future of Argentina’s e-commerce industry is also promising, with huge growth opportunities brought by the South American country’s growing mobile commerce and social-commerce sectors. The reason is clear: high internet penetration and mobile phone penetration.

Argentina is witnessing a very high internet penetration rate of over 80%, along with one of the highest numbers of mobile internet users across Latin America. Moreover, the country has other advantages that are pushing e-commerce and m-commerce forward, such as the growing consumer base of internet-savvy young people, who now happen to have satisfactory average incomes.

In Argentina, the smartphone is in vogue far and wide, increasingly turning out to be the main method for reaching consumers across the country, with people, especially the young, choosing mobile phones as their favorite devices for accessing the Internet. Seizing this opportunity, companies of all sizes and in all industries are working hard to build mobile-friendly websites.  

Besides, social media is speaking aloud (and loudly!) across the Latin American country. Social shopping (the shopping behavior influenced by social media) is increasingly becoming a rising trend in Argentina, thanks to the growing social media engagement among the people ─ something along the lines of Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever! E-retailers are presently using social media platforms to engage with shoppers, particularly the young, to sell them their products and services.

Top E-commerce Players in Argentina

Argentina is home to MercadoLibre, which is a big story of global e-business success.  It’s the most popular e-commerce website across Latin America. MercadoLibre, notably, owns eBay in Brazil, whereas eBay is an investor in MercadoLibre in the rest of Latin America, especially Central America.

In addition to MercadoLibre, we can say that the top e-commerce websites in Argentina are eBay and Amazon, with other top retail sites including Netshoes, Alibaba,,, Frávega, Apple and Cencosud. These mobile commerce sites are indubitably re-shaping both the present and the future of business across Argentina. 

Latinobridge’s Tips About E-commerce Website Localization 

In line with the company’s famous advertising slogan, “Helping Businesses Thrive in Latin America”, LatinoBridge ─ which has been providing the South American continent and the world since 2010 with premium eCommerce translation services ─ has recently given regional Latin American and global businesses a few practical tips about e-commerce website translation.

In a paper that will shortly be distributed by email to the company’s  huge customer base, under the title of “The global e-commerce market versus Argentina language translation”, LatinoBridge has brought to the attention of e-commerce companies that even if a company is doing a great job in its home country, a local client base is by no means satisfactory in today’s global business landscape.

Stressing that without a solid e-commerce website translation strategy, an e-commerce business will never be able to enter the global market, LatinoBridge has explained that by localizing its e-commerce website, the e-retailer will be able to provide great customer experience, and can, therefore, reach a wider range of customers across the globe.  

Why LatinoBridge?

Since day one about 10 years ago, LatinoBridge’s expert teams have been providing the company’s top-notch global clients with superior eCommerce translation services that not only change the language of the e-store, but also integrates the entire site into a new culture ─ ensuring that the products and services are tailored to the new audiences in the new target markets.

Therefore, according to the testimonies of hundreds of our regional and global clients, LatinoBridge is always chosen for multiple reasons, including our in-country linguists, that is our Latin America-based team who has proved able to transfer the world’s mobile creations into and out of one of the world’s most dynamic regions; then our cultural adaption expertise, that is our team’s ability to ensure that everything the client has created makes the move to a new market smoothly and efficiently, and, last but not least, our worldwide reputation for high quality and fast turnaround.

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