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Why is Medical Translation Vital to Your Success in Latin America’s Healthcare Sector?

Yes, Covid-19 did it!

The pandemic has dramatically changed how Latin America is providing health care to the continent’s 659-million citizens. Significantly, the global plague has shed light on many challenges, including the need for more and more investments in the healthcare and medical industry in each country across South America. So, what does this mean?

It’s a blessing, believe me! It’s an opportunity for global-minded businesses in Europe, North America, and everywhere to invest in the currently underserved Latin American healthcare industry. And to succeed in this vital sector, what do these global companies need?

Surely, they need professional translation partners to help them cross the language barriers and connect with the multiple stakeholders in the continent’s healthcare sector.

However, this is not everything. it’s still a must that these medical, healthcare, pharma, and bio businesses should partner only with translation services vendors that have medical and healthcare backgrounds. But why?

5 Reasons Why Specialized Healthcare Translation is Indispensable

Let’s admit it outright. When it comes to healthcare and medical translation, you can’t and shouldn’t work with amateurs! Only an agency with rock-solid medical translation experience can help you. And, here are the reasons.

1-Regulatory Obligations

Medical regulatory authorities are making it imperative for companies interested in entering the healthcare sector ─ in Latin America and everywhere all over the world ─ to translate their products and services into the language of the country they’re working in. From marketing materials to patient information sheets, and clinical trial forms, every piece of content should be made available in the language of the target audience. It’s a must!

2-Human Life Matters

Human lives are sacred, and any translation error in this area can be life-threatening and could have disastrous consequences. So, the only acceptable medical translation is the one that is top-quality, error-free, and professional.

3-Research is Vital

Science is being globalized, and at medical and pharma companies, scientific research is the core of the business. For these businesses, professional medical translation is the key to success and, thus, any inaccurate translations might have a destructive impact on the company’s research effort and will definitely end in lost opportunities and financial damages.

So, given the importance of high-quality translation in the medical industry, let’s dive a bit deeper to know which types of medical content are translated.

Types of Medical Content That Requires Translation

Specialized medical translation agencies, like LatinoBridge, usually translate a wide diversity of medical documents, including:

  • Regulatory Documents
  • Drug Descriptions
  • Medical Training Manuals
  • Drug Labels & Packaging
  • Clinical Trial Documents
  • Patents
  • Patient Reports
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Medical Insurance Claims
  • Health and Safety Reports
  • Medical Reports
  • And many other types of documents.

After all is said and done, it’s still important to see why should you partner with this or that medical translation provider.

Why LatinoBridge?

Since 2010, LatinoBridge has been delivering first-class healthcare and medical translation services that help our top-notch clients in the healthcare sector to extend their footprint in global markets.

Our clients, however, always cite many reasons for choosing us, including our large network of experienced translators who have an impressive track record of providing premium solutions to a wide array of medical device manufacturers, pharma and pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers.

With LatinoBridge, our clients always get their healthcare documents translated with an assurance of a fast turnaround, high quality, and affordable rates.

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