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Why Is Digital Marketing Your Pathway to Business Success?

Q: Why did her father know the daughter will grow up to be a digital marketing expert?

A: Because her first word was data!

Here goes the joke in online marketing circles, but there’s more to digital marketing than meets the eye!

Simply put, Digital Marketing is increasingly becoming the most strategic tool for businesses ─ a tool that smart marketers leverage to boost their corporations’ presence online. In this sense, online marketing covers every and each effort that uses the Internet.

To reach existing and potential customers, digital marketing uses many channels that include, but are not limited to websites, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing automation, content marketing, mobile apps, social media, pay-per-click (PPC), and email.

There’re many marketing efforts falling under the umbrella of online marketing, including online, Interactive Marketing Customer Relationships, and Inbound Marketing.

To have an idea of how strategic digital marketing is, you need to know that without it, most big companies and great brands that we now know wouldn’t have come into being in the first place!

So, what are the benefits of this strategic effort ─ if any?

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

Does online marketing have any benefits? Yes is the unequivocal answer. The benefits are so numerous, so strategic and so great. Before we shed light upon them, let’s for a moment have a look at the facts and figures in one single country, the USA:

·        Over 75% of Americans do at least part of their shopping on the internet

·        More than 80% of buyers search for products and services online before purchasing

·        US Digital Marketing The spend on Online Marketing is projected to exceed USD 33 billion in 2021

Given these stunning figures, it’s time to dive deeper into the benefits of Digital Marketing.

First – Brand Image Building

Since people first heard about online marketing, it’s been known that it helps businesses build, and sustain, their reputation. It’s the tool that makes it possible for your company to create and nurture a strong relationship with your customers online. With this, you establish your brand reputation and constantly endeavor to preserve it.

Content marketing is the branch of digital marketing that corporations and organizations leverage to build their reputation on the internet. Interestingly, it results in 3 times more leads [] than paid tools.

Second – Better Conversion Rates

Gone are the old days of calling customers and prospects. Professional online marketing will empower your website and other digital properties to convert your site traffic into buyers and repeat buyers.

Third – Target More Customers

Even with a good offline marketing strategy, companies face a big challenge: there are limits to how many people a newspaper, commercial, or flyer will reach.

Let’s admit it. TV commercials, flyers, and print ads have limits. It’s time to use the power of digital marketing tools to reach way more people in your area.

Fourth – Measure and Track!

Have a hard time keeping track of your company’s marketing efforts? With offline marketing, it can be hard to understand how many people engaged with your promotional material.

It has always been tough for traditional marketers to gauge or track how many people engaged with their promotional material. Now it’s over thanks to the internet’s measuring and tracking power.

On the internet, marketers can now effortlessly gather and store data about the behavior of your customers, prospects, and site visitors. Also, with web analytics and other online metric tools, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your online campaigns. Briefly, now you can learn from your mistakes, tweak, improve, and constantly better promote your brand.

Fifth – Global reach 

Finally, online marketing is your pathway to global markets. Your website will make it possible for you to reach international markets.

But, wait a moment! Will you talk ─ on your website and other online properties ─ with the new audiences in English or their own mother tongue?!

The answer is unequivocal: You definitely need Marketing Translation. So, what is it and why on earth do you need it?

Digital Marketing Translation

Globalization is on the rise, connectivity is increasing, trade barriers are progressively falling, and our planet is more and more turning into a small village. So what?

It’s a great opportunity for businesses that aspire to go global to reach multilingual audiences in foreign markets.  But these businesses have to get their message across by speaking the languages of their target markets. The proliferation of e-commerce sites spurred the development of digital marketing, and with it, digital marketing translation.

Even though English is the internet’s dominant language, yet when it comes to communication, consumers wish to read the information in their language. Here comes the role of digital marketing translation services ─ the thrilling tool that empowers you to face this linguistic and cultural challenge.

Yet, we’re still facing 2 questions. With whom should businesses partner for marketing translation services? What does a professional marketing translation services provider look like?

Why LatinoBridge?

The answer is clear and unequivocal. Since 2010, LatinoBridge has established an impressive reputation for delivering first-rate marketing translation services that empower our top-notch clients to expand their footprint across Latin America and everywhere across the globe.

Our marketing industry-specific translators are versed in professionally translating a wide diversity of marketing materials, including, but not limited to, Websites, Catalogs, Marketing surveys, Advertisements, Reviews, Blog posts, Handouts, Institutional corporate, Newsletters, Press Releases, AdWords campaigns, Advertising leaflets, Banners, Commercial brochures and many other types of marketing content.

We, at LatinoBridge, have one of the most advanced quality assurance systems in the entire translation industry. Importantly, our rigorous process and state-of-the-art translation technology enable us to guarantee around 99% of deliveries on time

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