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Why Does Your Business Site Minus Website Localization Services Equal Zero?

Is localizing website content important for marketing your products and services across the globe?

To answer the question, we might need to raise a few questions. Why on earth do businesses work hard for months on creating a website in the first place? Why do they then sweat out optimizing the site for search engines?  Isn’t it logical for them after all this to ensure that their most important online property, their website, is speaking the languages of their customers in Spain, in China, in Saudi Arabia, in Malaysia, and elsewhere?

Fact is that all (or almost all?!) business models have learned the hard way that they have to turn to website localization to ensure that their content is speaking the languages of their clients and to guarantee that their various marketing activities are targeted to a specific base, and, more importantly, are paying off!

So, how can a successful global-minded company doing business in 2020 ignore that global customers will only engage with a well translated, well localized, culturally relevant marketing message that is delivered in their mother tongue? But, do statistics support this statement? Let’s see.

According to Statista, English isn’t the internet’s king of kings anymore! As of January 2020, English represented only 25.9% of global internet users, with about 75 percent preferring to consume content in their languages (and cultures). Nearly Seventy-five percent ─ believe it or not!

Still skeptical? Okay, take these figures. First, the price factor is often beaten by the customer’s local language ─ as about 54% of people give preference for their mother tongue over price when they make buying decisions. Second, about 80 percent of sites had their business growth doubled after they’ve launched multilingual sites. Finally, nearly 71% of Fortune 500 companies have multilingual websites. The last fact is decisive. Do you agree?

If yes, let’s ask an important question. Do website localization services affect sales?

Why Does Website Localization Boost Sales?

It’s all about sales!

Are you localizing website content to take your products and services across borders? Do you partner with a localization service provider and generously pay them to attract customers and boost conversions? The fact is, your goal is to increase sales at the end of the day, and it should be so!

But why will website localization help you increase your sales? Let’s dive deeper into the reasons.

1-The Customer’s Culture Matters!

As we’ve seen above, almost three-quarters of internet users don’t speak English and belong to various cultures that are not Anglo-Saxon! Therefore, when you’re localizing website content, you’ll be speaking your customers’ language, with your site having data they can understand ─ such as their local or standard units of measurement, their local currencies, and their local payment methods. With this, you’re showing that you respect their culture. As a result, these people will pay you back in the form of more website traffic, more conversion, and, finally, more sales!

2. Localization Means Trust

The issue is not site localization leading to increasing the chances of selling. There’s an important factor in the background ─  the customer trust!

According to many market surveys, the content which speaks the customer’s language creates a strong relationship with her/him. This is awesome because if you adapt your website to match the language and culture of your audience, you’re more likely to gain their trust. And when your customers and prospects trust you, don’t think of sales. They’re in the bag!

All that said, we need to know how to find the right localization service provider.

How to Choose the Best Localization Service Provider?

Let’s put it outright. You still need to find a localization service provider who understands and follows the recognized guidelines and best practices of website localization. Here are a few things you should find in a localization vendor before you partner with them.

First – Technology is Paramount!

Your website localization partner should be leveraging the latest technology in the industry. Check out their translation management system TMS, the computer-assisted tools CAT they use, and as many other elements as you can, including their workflows.

With this, you’ll ensure that your website localization project will be delivered fast and smoothly. Also, you’ll make sure that your project will be finalized with accelerated speed to market while still maintaining high-quality standards.

Second – Digital First and Foremost!

When you select a localization service provider, you need to go for the partner who can address all the issues that surround your global journey, including, but not limited to, multimedia content, Search Engine Optimization SEO, user experience, and many more. Only a data-driven partner can help you.

Third – Work with Professionals!

The translation and localization marketplace is crowded with professional agencies, amateurs, and, unfortunately, con artists.  You have to dig into many of the details about your website localization service provider. You need a partner whom you can trust and who is concerned about the long-term success of your business.

Why LatinoBridge?

Is the website localization a process of translating your website content into numerous languages? Probably yes, but not at LatinoBridge!

We stand out from the crowd because we deliver website localization as a seamless, integrated solution that comprises more than just translation, extending to such aspects as multilingual SEO, formatting, and image replacement.

Further, we take pride in our extensive, rock-solid experience in this field. According to hundreds of top-notch clients whose websites are now shining on the internet, we, at LatinoBridge, provide a full, rich marketing experience tailored to their audiences’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds, their visual perceptions, and online habits.

We are different, and that’s why we deliver website localization services that are also different.

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