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Which Will Prevail: Machine Translation or Human Translation

The 21st century has brought many inventions to practice like Global Positioning System (GPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and other technologies. One of the most useful technologies that helped customers who are always looking for translation is a machine translation. However, like all the machines, this one has its pre-defined limitations. 

What exactly is Machine Translation (MT)?

An instant way to decode or convert text from a different language would be called as ‘Machine Translation’  and as the term implies, there is no human interference. This whole concept was first tested in an attempt to acquire data of Russians in the aftermath of WWII. Now, it has been adopted by companies all over the world as a huge asset in an era of rapid economic globalization.

But what makes ‘MT’ so resourceful?

  1. Quickness

Compared to human translators, the machine is a lot quicker. Doesn’t matter if it’s your final report, pamphlet or a catalog, you can get your textual documents translated within seconds. It works best in situations when time is of the essence. No more pouring of precious time on dictionaries!

2. Lower Costs 

It is true that sometimes you need to translate many documents instantly; but nevertheless, a human touch is just as important to have accuracy in translations.

And with machine translations, you will be able to cope up with the ever-changing technological world. So, if you are looking for something affordable that can save plenty of time, availing these machine translation services can be the key to your business growth.

3. Multiple Translations

One of the most fascinating things about machine translation is that you can translate your desired content to any language while saving yourself a lot of time. Furthermore, with the help of computer-assisted translation (CAT) and translation memory (TM), you can ensure consistency and smoothness in translations. The beauty of these systems is the more you translate, the more you have with machine translation memory. 

The other side of Machine Translation

Like any other product/service, machine translation can have limitations as well. The challenges that you can probably face with MT are:

  1. The brevity of the content

 Although the results of machine translation are not that bad, you can often find your content lengthened, which compromises the precision and conciseness of the content. One drawback of such translation is the fact that you won’t be able to engage with your customers through your content and as a result, readers can get irritated and lose their attention 

2. Inability to decode complex messages

A human translator that is socially intelligent with proficiency in a particular language cannot be compared with a machine translator. Both serve several purposes, for example, if a client wants the bulk of documents to be translated in a short period of time, machine translation would be your best, followed by reviewing process. On the other hand, if complex sentences having a particular context need interpretation and time is not of the essence, then one can go on and hire a human translator only. 


The Future of Machine Translation

Now the question is, what would be the future of Machine Translation and would it be able to take advance measures to improve its translation process?

The answer to such a question is not definite! Yes, machine translation has been going through major transformations since it has been invented. Moreover, it will continue to tweak its systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although, experts believe that a hybrid approach would be more suitable since you cannot replace humans in all aspects. Therefore, it is pertinent that humans and machines go hand in hand to solve complex problems with the use of neural machine translations, computer-assisted translations and through statistical measures, and achieve the potential accuracy and efficiency. Also, with improved algorithms, proof-reading can be done with the help of software which can save a considerable amount of time for manual proofreading.

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