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Process of E-Learning: The Ways To Make E-Learning Simplified

The concept of education within the “4-Walls” is recently getting downsized while the advantages given by E-learning are increasing lately. In 2015, the E-learning training module amassed $107 billion. By speculating the growth and acceptance of E-learning for personal development, the experts have concluded that by the end of 2025, the revenues will increase three folds to US$325 billion.

Now, there are tens of online platforms that have thousands of courses that cover many fields like sales, marketing and web development. Users from all over the world are visiting these platforms either to study or to publish their courses. So these platforms found that localizing their content is inevitable as having the content in English only is not suitable for all users.

Localization companies started to work very hard to achieve their objectives. These companies have supported the demand and purpose to deliver the best module to the aspirants, making them prepared for a viable future.

LatinoBridge has proven its experience in both fields of education and website localization in Latin America. Because we believe in specialization, we considered ourselves one of the leading translation and localization companies that you can depend on for your E-learning needs.

At LatinoBridge, we are endeavoring to bring better transformation in the E-learning module. To achieve that, we will provide you with a glimpse about our process while localizing E-learning platforms

Phase #1: Analysis

This is might be the most important step of the process, as we are required to analyze not only the content but also the people we are targeting, the technology that will be used and the business requirements as well. Once this step is accomplished, a constructive strategy will be designed to present the course in its best way.

Phase #2: Creating the Instructional Design Document (IDD)

In this stage, the course will be divided into modules, courses or screens. Then each module is exclusively created by using unique Instructional Design strategy (IDD). All the visuals should be done during this stage, that’s why a team of qualified designers should be assigned for this task.

Phase #3: Scripting the Course

The next phase deals with the scripting. In the script, the role of E-learning translators is immense. They mainly work with document files to work word by word to get the perfect results. E-learning translation plays a crucial role in localizing the content as per the culture, demographics and geography of the target audience.

Phase#4: Prototype Development

The experts in localization language break the course modules into slides. They put all the necessary efforts to make sure that the audio-scripts and other aspects finalized correctly. Specific decisions are made that shape up the prototype training and development program. The experts in the localization industry guide the course module by helping us in integrating the right colors, images and other animation programs for better understanding.

Phase #5: Audio Finalization

After the finalization of the script, the E-learning localization experts synchronize the content with the audio, visuals and even animations. They are carefully analyzing the pronunciation, semantics, lexicons, and word-bank as per the geography, audience, and culture.

Phase #6: Final Creation of the Learning Management System

We focus primarily on creativity in the first 5 phases, but the last step deals with technicality in creating the best learning module. They work to create the course on the E-Learning Management System and once it’s ready, the live version is ready to go

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