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LatinoBridge Heads to LocWorld49: Empowering Communication Across Languages and Borders

LatinoBridge Heads to LocWorld49: Empowering Communication Across Languages and Borders

May – 2023: In line with its mission to act as a bridge for Latin Americans, LatinoBridge, the Latin American translation agency, is attending LocWorld49, the leading conference for the localization and translation industry. The converse will be held from the 6th till the 8th of June, at Malmö, Sweden. The conference focuses on helping the attendees enhance the benefits and considerations of using translation technology to provide scale-up multilingual customer support and learn the steps to take when implementing translation technology.

While attending the LocWorld49, this move fulfills the LatinoBridge’s strategy in several ways, including staying up-to-date with industry trends (i.e.: AI impact in the industry), networking with esteemed industry peers, and gaining valuable insights, in addition to keeping an eye on the competition.  Moreover, the company will exchange best practices for language service providers while supporting different industries’ specific and unique needs.

In this regard, Mohamed Taha, Managing Director of LatinoBridge stated: “Known as “Bridge for Latin America” LatinoBridge lives up to its name by enabling Latin Americans to easily communicate and conduct business with people from around the globe, while also providing a direct line of communication for individuals from other parts of the world to engage with Latin Americans without any difficulties.”

“Thanks to its LatAm roots, our team possesses the necessary expertise, training, and dedication to ensure that all clients are delighted. We offer top-notch quality in all variations of Spanish such as Argentine Spanish (Rioplatense), Mexican Spanish, Chilean Spanish, and Uruguayan Spanish, as well as European Portuguese and even the intricate nuances of Brazilian Portuguese.” Mohamed Taha added.

On the other hand, Adam Henry, Key Account Manager of LatinoBridge added: “We are proud to announce that LatinoBridge has successfully translated more than 38 million words since 2010. In addition to being a member of the American Translators Association, LatinoBridge is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 17100:2015 certified. Hence, our visit to LocWorld49 aims at engaging with fellow professionals, sharing ideas and insights, and learning from the diverse range of presentations and discussions.”

It is noteworthy that LatinoBridge is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of language needs, spanning various sectors such as legal, media, healthcare, education, marketing, finance, technology and communication, automotive, consumer electronics, agriculture, and environment, with proficiency in numerous languages. Furthermore, LatinoBridge offers a comprehensive suite of services. The company’s website localization is carried out by a network of certified, trained, and native professionals, and it also provides desktop publishing that captures the cultural traces of Latin America both visually and linguistically. The voice-over services are performed with close attention to style and intonation, while the MTPE services offer refinement or post-editing as needed. The company’s subtitling and closed captioning services are of exceptional quality and are available at competitive rates.


About LatinoBridge:

LatinoBridge was started in 2010 to provide Latin America and the world with the finest services in language translation and interpretation. Based throughout Latin America, they are a bridge for Latin Americans to do business well with the rest of the world and for the world to speak directly to Latin Americans.