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Is It Important for Your Business to Master the Translation Project Budget?

It’s a real and entertaining story.

The title is: Does my business need to partner with a translation service provider? And, the tale goes this way: Once upon a time, there was an excellent company delivering fabulous products and services that hit the local market and created a real buzz. The company became the talk of the town – just within the boundaries and limits of the town! With no plans to expand, with no burning ambition to take their products to new audiences in new markets, here comes the end of the story. Now the company doesn’t exist!

So, what is the lesson?

If businesses wish to survive the new global competitive landscape, the key is proper communication. The only method available is to break down the language barriers. But how? 

In the USA, Mexico, or Ethiopia, each successful company should partner with a professional translation service provider to thrive in international markets. Let’s put it outright. You can’t expand into a foreign market without the right tools, including professional translation services. But why? What are the advantages of outsourcing translation services?

When your business is going global, many things related to your company should be translated into your target audiences’ multiple languages. These things include your business strategy, your action plans, your marketing plans, your product information, your product manuals, instructions, inserts, packaging and labels, website content, content of your social media campaigns, and emails, …etc. It’s all about maximizing the potential of your market.

Your market potential is logically your concern and your goal at the same time! Therefore, with services provided by a well-known translation service provider, you’ll speak to each target market in their mother tongue. With this, the audience will find it easier to understand all the messages you wish to convey. 

This means more website traffic, more social media engagement in terms of likes, comments, sharing and referrals, and more conversions. Does this finally mean more revenues? Does it mean more US dollars, Brazilian reals, Mexican Pesos, Venezuelan bolivars, Guatemalan quetzals, Honduran Lempiras? 


So, if we now agree that professional translation services are essential to business, is this the end of the story? What about getting the best deal with the right translation partner? Does the budget of your translation project matter? Many questions are still lingering in the back of everyone’s mind, including this one. Look!

How to Optimize the Translation Project Budget?

So easy. You can effortlessly optimize the total spend on your translation project. LatinoBridge has a few tips for you that will help keep your project within your budget. Let’s dive deeper. 

First – Translation Project Planning

Organize your translation project so that you may finally save money and effort. Further, with proper planning, you’ll enjoy the advantages of quality and quick turnaround times. 

However, you might ask how proper planning will help your translation service provider deliver professionally translated content and how you will do this planning! 

Ok. Create a well-organized file comprising all the content that needs to be translated and specify the target languages. You can’t imagine how much this will help!

Second – Document Preparation

Then, you need to prepare the documents for translation. You’ll do this by deleting any parts of your content that sound irrelevant, redundant, or unnecessary to your target market. Things such as idioms, metaphorical language, and local culture references shouldn’t be part of any professional business content. Your text should be clear and to the point. 

Third – Original Documents Should Be Provided

In case you don’t submit the source files to your translation service provider, you have to give them all the file types that need to be translated, such as PDFs, faxed and scanned documents, JPEGs, and PNGs. Further, kindly remember that there may be extra charges for extracting and translating these types of text.

Fourth – Look for Rigorous Processes

A professional translation service provider is the one who provides a seamless suite of services. In essence, the translation is an umbrella service that comprises quality assurance, editing, review, proofreading, and probably desktop publishing DTP. Therefore, you need to check whether or not your translation vendor can deliver an integrated solution.

Fifth – Translation Memory

You also have to ensure that you and your translation service provider will make the utmost of the excellent tool of translation memory (TM) ─ the language warehouse that stores previous translations for reuse in future projects. With this, you’ll achieve speed and cost reduction while keeping consistency throughout your translated content.

Given all current circumstances in 2020, a successful company must review everything from strategy to short-term action plans If they aim to survive and continue their business successfully. The primary element of this process is for the company to evaluate its resources, including a budget, to complete the translation project without compromising quality. 

Seventh – Optimizing Content for Translation

To optimize content for translation means matching each type of content to the right translator. This is your professional translation service provider’s job, who should make sure that your website blogs are not given to a translator who usually works on user manuals documentation! 

If you fail to send the right content to each translator, you will probably end up losing time and having poor translations. Besides, you have to ensure that the translated content is correctly reviewed, edited and proofread before you accept it.   

Why LatinoBridge?

First of all, the answer to the above question is that LatinoBridge meets all the seven criteria explained above as a world-class translation service provider! However, why not explain a little more!  

We can’t forget about the experience, can we?! For more than 15 years, LatinoBridge has had an impressive track record for providing first-rate translation services for big names across all industries – in the USA, Latin America, and other countries worldwide.

LatinoBrige has one of the most rigorous quality assurance systems in the entire translation industry when it comes to quality. As for price, we have the most competitive prices. Further, we are known for our fast turnaround time and our significant data security and confidentiality standards.

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