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How, Why, When Will You Need Interpreting Services?

In today’s global marketplace, it’s becoming imperative that you are either interacting with clients or having employees from different parts of the world. Sometimes you just need to set a training session, a workshop, a conference or a trade show for your clients. No matter the size or the purpose, you will find yourself looking for interpreting services to help you communicate with the attendees.

Sometimes, some business owners might consider using an employee or someone who is bilingual to interpret the event, and let me tell you it’s a huge mistake!

This might lead to a situation where your event attendees will feel lost and the interpretation might be biased and not conveying the right message of the event.

Here comes the question: Why is working with an interpreting company better?

Partnering with a qualified interpreting company will result in great success for your event, as will guarantee:

  • Quality 
  • Consistency
  • Specialization
  • Better communication
  • Cost saving

Consideration to provide professional interpreting services

Being responsible for an event or a conference and you are willing to seek a professional interpreting service company, so you are required to double-check every single detail to make sure that everything is in the right place. 

1. Confirming requirements

While agreeing with your partner about the preparation of the event, you need to understand the purpose, size, and location of the event so that you can determine the most effective interpretation type. 

You need to know the requested languages, the number of attendees, and the number of speakers. This will help you decide how logistically you need to prepare for the event venue, the number of interpreters and their languages.

2.   Check-in with your speakers

Part of being an interpreter is to capture exactly what the speakers are saying. But, you need to remind the speakers of suchthinggsbas; 

  • Speak in a clear voice and to be close to their mics.
  • Avoid slang whenever possible.
  • Take pauses without delaying your presentation.

3. Check your logistics

The preparation stage of your event is an important step that you need to consider. You need to prepare and check the quality of your equipment: headphones, microphones, PCs/laptops, projectors, speakers and booths. Preparing a replacement for the equipment just in case something happens during the event.

Since 2010, LatinoBridge has been providing professional interpreting services for different types and sizes of conferences and events. From a small event with one language interpreter to a large-scale event with hundreds of attendees requiring multilingual languages.

We are one of the preferred interpreting companies in Argentina for multiple reasons:

Our team – we have a huge network of linguists with extensive experience in providing conference interpreting services.

24/7 service – we’re keen to be always available for our customers with the ability to work on last-minute projects.

Free quotes – we are happy to receive customers’ requests and inquiries about any project and deliver fast and free quotes in a timely manner.

Experience – we have extensive experience in various industries like education, marketing, eCommerce, and eLearning. 

Still looking for an interpreting company for your event? Contact us now and one of our sales managers will answer your inquiries.