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5 Criteria For Choosing The Ideal Transcription Company

Transcription services are now inevitable for many types of businesses. Business owners are always looking to transcribe important data like interviews, meetings, seminars, and training sessions and keep them accessible anytime. From medical transcription to retail and education, all of these businesses have constant needs for transcription.

With hundreds or even thousands of transcription service providers, the mission of selecting the right partner for your business is a challenging one. One of the most important aspects that you should consider is to know your requirements first, and then from there, you can select the right one. Other aspects that should be considered are time, budget, quality, the size of your projects and reviews of other clients.

Considering these factors will give you a systematic approach while selecting your transcription partner. Being in the market for many decades, we’ve managed to summarize the top 5 critical criteria that will help you to select the best.

Quality & Accuracy 

Quality and accuracy are the most important factors that you should consider while you are looking for your transcription partner. 99% accuracy at least should be accepted for reliable transcripts. But how would you guarantee this percentage? You can get to know the company’s quality by asking about previous clients, checking their quality process, and get to know whether they are ISO-certified or not. Also, you can ask for a sample before signing an agreement with the company, so as to check the quality of their output. All of this will help you pick the right partner for your transcription project.

Confidentiality & Security

No matter the type of your business, you will always need a level of confidentiality. So you need to ensure that your transcription service provider has an attentive internal process to keep your audio and video files secure and prevent any leakage of this data. You want to make sure that your transcription vendor will deal with your data with the highest level of confidentiality throughout the whole process of transferring, transcribing, delivering the project and even for future storage. This should be done through a confidentiality agreement between both of you.


Budget is an important factor while you are searching for a transcription company. The price is determined based on the volume of work, the types of the service and the quality of the files that need to be transcribed. So you can start by contacting 2 or 3 different companies and ask about their price list and you need also to know if there are any hidden fees. Another factor that you should consider is whether the transcription fees will be charged per word or per minute. This is to compare and check the market prices and make sure to strike a balance between quality and prices. 


No matter what you are doing, respecting the agreed deadline is an important thing, especially for transcription services. Transcription is a time-consuming task already and it might need more time – based upon the quality of the audio and video files. So, part of your agreement with your transcription company, you need to agree on an approximate deadline for every file of your project and to make sure that they will stick to these deadlines.


Experience is one of the aspects that should not be compromised. If you have or expect to have a large volume of transcription projects, you need to partner with a transcription company that has the required in-house team who are capable of handling large volumes. You need to make sure that they have the best qualifications in the market – like being native speakers, graduates from top universities, and well trained to use different transcription software and tools. These qualifications will enrich their abilities to transcribe slang, different dialects, colloquialisms, and any other nuances.

Another important thing to consider is the qualifications of those who will be working on your file.  The best transcribers will be native language speakers, subject matter experts, top university graduates, and well-trained quality analysts. Their experience will enable them to pick up on the softer aspects of transcription such as dialects, slang, colloquialisms and other cultural nuances, which at the end contribute to improving the overall quality.

Why LatingoBridge Is Your Perfect Choice?

With decades of experience in working with global brands on transcribing video and audio recordings, LatinoBridge is ahead of many companies in the Latin-American market. Our team consists of hundreds of transcribers, proofreaders and project managers who are fully dedicated to satisfying customers’ requests. We guarantee to deliver the following:

  • 3 steps of the quality control process.
  • 99% accuracy.
  • Prices based on turnaround time.
  • Rate per word or per minute based upon your request.
  • Provide different types of transcription formats, such as verbatim transcription, edited transcription, and intelligent transcription.

LatinoBridge is your solution for your transcription projects for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages. Our main objective is to deliver precise transcripts to all of our partners. If you are still in the process of searching for a transcription company in Argentina, feel free to contact us today for a free sample and a free quote.