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4 Ways to Connect with Latino and Hispanic Gen-Zers and Millennials

Ways to Connect with Hispanic Millennials and Gen-Zers

With boomers leaving the workforce, it has become essential for businesses to connect with younger individuals, especially the Hispanic and Latin populations. In fact, according to PEWs research center, there has been a 13 percent increase in the number of Hispanic millennials and Gen-Zers in the job market.

Therefore, businesses offering services to this demographic must tailor their marketing to attract Latino and Hispanic millennials and gen-zers. Whether you’re a business that wants to hire these individuals, or you want to promote your products/ services to this audience, this guide will help you out. We will elaborate on the most effective ways to connect with this population.

Understanding the Young Latino and Hispanic Market

The first thing businesses need to understand is that Latino and Hispanic Gen-Z and millennial populations are unique segment with their own priorities and interests.

An example of this differentiation can be seen when in 2014, Univision and T-Mobile opted to target Latino individuals with a new mobile service. Essentially, the company launched a non-contract service targeted towards Hispanic Americans, offering free calls and unlimited texts to Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico.

This basic example shows how the company adapted to its target client’s needs and succeeded in what it set out to do. Therefore, when you’re marketing to the young Latino and Hispanic population, focus on your value, take an empathetic approach, and try to find ways to solve their unique problems.

4 Tips to Get Noticed By Latino and Hispanic Millennials and Gen-Zers                                                                                                                               

If you want to get noticed by Hispanic millennials and Gen-Zers, here are some actionable tips that you can use:

1.     Make Use Of Social media and Technology

Research shows that 88 percent of the members of the Latino community are impressed by digital ads inclusive of their culture. Moreover, American Hispanics are, as research claims, hypersocial and, therefore, at the center of this digital era where technology adoption is at an all-time high.

They’re prominent contributors to digital music consumption, web activities, gaming, TV, radio, and social media usage. In fact, millennials of Latin descent are 66 percent likelier to stay connected via mobile phones. Therefore, it is ideal for businesses to focus on mobile ads and communication.

To devise the perfect content with which you’ll target the Hispanic and Latino youth, you should do the following:

  • Research culture, interests, and the countries they may belong to.
  • Interview natives of Latin American or Hispanic countries.
  • Execute A/B tests.
  • Write content with a mix of both English and Spanish (Spanglish), or get your content localized through a professional localization and translation service.

This way, you can design digital marketing campaigns that revolve around their culture and encourage them to tell their stories. The best way to ensure that you are culturally sensitive and appropriate is by utilizing localization services, as professional translators will ensure the context of the message is not miscommunicated.

2.     Focus On Showcasing Biculturalism

Compared to older generations, millennial and Gen- Z Hispanic individuals are mixing with non-Hispanics  more quickly than ever before. This means they are more likely to speak English, marry people outside their ethnicity, and live in non-Hispanic communities.

Therefore, besides translating your marketing materials into Spanish and Portuguese, you must also work on portraying biculturalism. Give into this notion by showcasing examples that the Latino and Hispanic people would understand and relate to most. It’s a great idea to consider consulting a localization and translation company, as they’re proficient in finding this balance.

3.     Take Urban Localities into Account

There is disproportionality when it comes to different cultures. Hispanic individuals make up 27 percent of the population in urban locales, even though they make up 18 percent of the total population in the US. Despite this, over half of the Hispanic communities reside across a mere 15 metropolitan regions.

One effective marketing strategy is to focus on what brings these communities together. This can include events, festivals, and a sense of camaraderie. The younger population, in particular, is impressed by brands that promote and accentuates urban culture. So, shed a light on these communities by sharing messages of empowerment.

4.     Reference Their Favorite Influencers

Studies show that 46 percent of millennial and Gen Z Latino consumers discover brands through celeb endorsements and influencers more than their older counterparts. Therefore, choosing their ideals or the most happening influencers and celebrities to endorse your brand is a great idea.

Why Tap into this Market Segment As an Employer?

If you are a business that creates services and products for other businesses, then it is imperative to target young American Latino and Hispanic groups. According to research, this demographic is responsible for launching 86 percent of all new enterprises between 2007 to 2012.

Moreover, in the last decade, there was a dramatic decrease in the rate of Hispanic high school dropouts and an increase in college enrollment. In 2018, research showed that 41 percent of Hispanic adults aged 25 and up have some college qualification, making them a critical asset for organizations.

However, there is still an evident lack of Hispanic representation in U.S. organizations for senior positions. 18 percent of the workforce consists of Latino or Hispanic persons, with just 4.3 percent having executive positions. This gap is the widest among all other ethnic groups. Therefore, companies should hire qualified Latino and Hispanic Gen Z and millennials to work for them in different capacities. In doing so, they will notice an improvement in employee engagement, retention, and recruitment levels.

According to a survey by Deloitte, 80 percent of the respondents consider inclusivity an important determinant when choosing a company to work for. 39 percent even stated that they would readily leave their present employer to join a more inclusive business.

Final Words

Latino and Hispanic Gen Z and millennial groups are a goldmine for businesses to consider in both their recruitment strategies and to include in their target market. Creating a marketing strategy that includes them requires extensive knowledge about their culture and heritage. You must ensure that you represent them accurately, sensitively, and effectively.

For this reason, LatinoBridge offers businesses a variety of services that can help them get noticed by and connect with Latino and Hispanic youth. They bridge these gaps by utilizing their translation and localizing skills to appeal to different ethnic audiences. So, contact our customer service agents and connect with us today!


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