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10 Benefits of Localizing Content in the Healthcare Sector

localizing in healthcare

As the world increasingly becomes interconnected, individuals can easily travel to other nations to access higher-quality medical facilities at reasonable prices. According to a 2015 US International Trade Commission report, an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 people travel to the United States from other countries for treatment.

Therefore, obtaining translation services for healthcare has become essential for hospitals and treatment centers looking to widen their reach to such individuals. For technicians, nurses, and doctors who do not speak other languages besides English, medical translation services can help make communication between them and patients much easier.

Besides this, the use of localization and translation services has countless benefits. Let’s explore some of the main ones in this blog.

What Does Localization Entail?

The localization process entails the translation of medical audio, videos, marketing materials, medical documents, and more into the native language of prospective patients. It requires the accurate interpretation, translation, dubbing, and subtitling of content, with regard to cultural context.

Medical translation services connect global populations, allowing all individuals equal access to medical care and work opportunities. Some of the content localized by such services include:

  • Pharmaceutical materials
  • Biotech reports
  • Hospitals signs and brochures
  • Medical technology documents
  • Operation manuals for medical devices
  • Patient prescriptions

What Benefits Do Localization Services Provide For The Healthcare Sector?

Localization services are crucial for all industries, especially healthcare. This is because localization can improve health literacy by bridging the language barrier between medical professionals and patients. Moreover, translation services for healthcare are a small price to pay for the substantive benefits it provides both the provider and patients. Let’s explore ten benefits of hiring medical translation services:

1.     Improve Relationships with Patients from Different Localities

When patients see you make an effort to localize content for them, they will feel a stronger emotional bond with you, helping the healthcare provider’s business boom while increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

2.     Make Interpreting Medical Results Easier

The use of diagnostics and healthcare software may involve a language the medical personnel can’t speak. With software and medical documents translation services, physicians can understand and correctly interpret patient results, as nothing would get lost in translation.

3.     Comply With Regulations That Require Translation

Clinical trials are necessary to test and launch pharmaceutical drugs or specialized equipment. Hospital boards and regulatory boards in the country often require documents related to the clinical trial to be localized for better interpretation.

Therefore, medical document translation services are crucial for Company Research Organizations (CROs) to help move the clinical trial forward and approve the process. Such firms must also submit all related information, such as software applications, patient questionnaires, and other documents, to provide context to the translation service.

4.     Enhance Brand Recall and Reach

It is estimated that there are between 350 to 430 languages spoken in the United States. Spanish speakers are the second most common after English speakers. Therefore, localizing and translating your medical materials in several different languages is important, as it will help you reach a wider audience. I

5.     Connect and Collaborate With Other Organizations Worldwide

When your content is localized, you won’t only be appealing to patients of different backgrounds in the country but also worldwide. Moreover, you will also be able to bring in specialists, researchers, equipment, and other important medical resources from across the world.

6.     Decreases the Frequency of Mistakes

When medical professionals can easily interpret their patients’ records, they will make fewer mistakes. The process of diagnosing and treating process with be more accurate and faster. It will also enable patients to be better aware of what the results mean.

7.     Improves Patient Satisfaction

It can be very frustrating for patients expecting exceptional care and facilities at a hospital to feel misunderstood. Through medical translation services, you can ensure that the patient onboarding process is more seamless and they feel more at ease while getting treatment.

8.     Save Time

If medical professional tries to translate and interpret results themselves and get a better understanding of their patient, they will invest a lot of time. Moreover, the technical language may cause confusion, resulting in misdiagnosis or misunderstandings. Medical personnel and patients can quickly get the answers they’re looking for with medical document translation services.

9.     Translate Important Medical Devices

There may be important, lifesaving, high-tech devices, and equipment, such as heart defibrillators, pacemakers, and others, that need to be imported, but their instructions and specifications may be in another language. By translating and localizing the technical documents that come with them, healthcare professionals from the receiving country can understand the devices better.

Moreover, hiring professional localization and translation services for healthcare documents pertaining to the Instructions For Use (IFUs) will ensure the medical and technical jargon is accurately translated.

10.  It Can Be Lifesaving

When a person is sick, they require instant medical attention, with time being of the essence. In case of a dire injury, trying to translate and decipher information from a non-native individual can take p precious time that may lead to the condition worsening, or even fatality. Accurate and fast translations of medical documents can help physicians quickly discern the situation and save lives.

To Sum Up

Localization and translation services for healthcare can actually help save lives. By availing such facilities, medical personnel can work faster and more efficiently, providing better patient care. Because of this, patient satisfaction with hospital services will improve significantly.

Moreover, from a branding and marketing standpoint, hospitals can benefit significantly from localization and translation services, as they will reach a greater audience from the public who may not be native to the country.

To bridge a potentially dangerous gap between patients with different native languages, such as Spanish or Portuguese, LatinoBridge offers a host of localization and translation services for all industries, including healthcare. Get in touch with us today!

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